Don't Buy Facebook Likes We will Run Paid AD Campaign to Grow Page likes and Engagement

We are Certified Experts and know how to get you more likes and followers, at a low cost


check out our package

don’t buy Fake Likes for your Page Growth

F a c e book use machine learning to catch suspicious behavior Blocking accounts and Removing Fake likes

It damages engagement as none of the Fake Accounts will ever see your posts & engage in your content.​

They will start dropping off within a few days as F B identifies & deletes the profiles so are a total waste of $

RNS Agency will run paid Ad campaign to grow your Page

We do Pre-Research about your topic related Audience

Then place F a c e book Ad Campaign for your F B Page

Help getting Global Audience Naturally

Boost your business and established your page


  • Information about your target audience​
  • Any direct competitors large page like
  • Your Page Advertiser

check out our package

run paid ad and Grow your Business Online

F a c e book show your page in their First Serial Ranking

People will engage naturally and introduce with your brand

When your page get 10K+ likes your conversion will be higher

Your page will grow naturally towards Branding

F A Q​

Obviously yes! We don’t grow your business by spam robots at a cheap price. But experienced marketers run ads for our clients and then grow their projects naturally. So no risk here as the other fake services.

Test Campaign help to find out the costing per likes. When clients want to target GROUP, GENDER, Location then TEST campaign help us find out the accurate clear idea about cost per likes. This will important for better scaling of any Campaigns. The more specific targeting will higher the price.

Note that, our service is about running F B Like Campaign. To Run your ads for traffic etc. Contact us

They see an advert in their newsfeed that shows the Page Name, Total Likes, and a Like page button to click on. When they see more likes in your page naturally your targeted audience willing to give more likes your page.


We run a campaign on any targeting. No matter if small or big targeting it just causes go up the cost per likes. Maybe 5-10X cent per likes. If you need targeting your audience. Please contact me first before placing an order on our website. We’ll run a test campaign so that we can have an idea about cost per like.

Well, we do have some other service. To know more details about our service here >> Link

There are the restrictions of F B on HEMP, CBD, E-Cigs, Cypro Currency or Vitamin and Supplements sectors. So If your niche is one of them please don’t order us as F a c e book can’t allow running your campaign on their platform. You can message me instant for a solution.

This is very simple copy our company F a c e book user name ” rnsagency247 ” and watch this Video

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